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Injection Moulding Screws to fit:


Arburg, Battenfeld, Billion, BM Biraghi, Dr Boy, Engel, Ferromatik-Milacron, Fanuc, Haitian, Krauss Maffei, Maico, MetalMeccanica (Pentatron), MIR, Negri Bossi, Netstal, NPM, OIMA, Realpress, Sandretto Micro, Sandretto, Sumitomo Demag (Ergotech), Toshiba, Toyo.


Constant investment in the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment guarantees you top quality and exacting tolerances, allowing us to comply with our customers high quality requirements.


We produce new or refurbished screws that are renowned for their long life and ability to handle above average demands.


With the increased use of constantly changing technical polymers, we are able to offer you a large choice of base materials and coatings.  From the most basic polymer applications through to the most abrasive and corrosive, we can offer you a solution.

Group image of moulding screws - link to all screw designs
Injection moulding screws - cut away

Screws are manufactured up to 6m in length and diameters ranging from 14-200mm.


We can armour the screw flights with many high grade alloys using the latest plasma welding technology.


With 40 years of experience and working with CAD/CAM we can optimise geometries that are fine tuned to your application.

Stocks of many popular sizes

Ability to manufacture to 6m in length and 14-200 mm diameter.

Specialist coatings for all screw materials

Standard or complex screw designs

Specialist in German, Italian and Fanuc screws and barrels

Extensive choice of materials to suit your process

Graph showing base material types for injection moulding screws
Image of screw in production with milling technology

CNC Milling for

none standard


Armouring and coating for most applications

Graph showing coatings availabe for injection moulding screws



Image of screw in production with whirling technology

Plasma welding

for flight hard

facing (Also see 'Coatings')

We supply injection moulding and extrusion screws for most moulding applications, many popular sizes from stock.

Injection moulding screws for Arburg,  Dr Boy,  Billion (SAS),  Demag, Engel,  Ferromatik Milacron,  Klockner,  Krauss Maffei,  Fanuc,  Stork Plastics Machinery,  Sandretto,  Negri Bossi and many more injection screws for popular model moulding machines.


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