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Arburg, Battenfeld, Billion, BM Biraghi, Dr Boy, Engel, Ferromatik-Milacron, Fanuc, Haitian, Krauss Maffei, Maico, MetalMeccanica (Pentatron),  MIR, Negri Bossi, Netstal, NPM, OIMA, Realpress, Sandretto Micro, Sandretto, Sumitomo Demag (Ergotech), Toshiba, Toyo.


In the simplest form a barrel is seen as a means to transport molten plastic to the mould tool, guide the screw, handle heating elements, cooling channels and feed polymers, but in reality the barrel has to handle a very volatile environment.


The barrel has to be able to handle high pressures, abrasive attacks and guard against corrosion, a set of problems quite exclusive to the injection and extrusion moulder.


Now with more and more fillers (such as glass fibre) and additives, the need to select the right base material is more important than ever.


Materials such as PEEK place very high demands on the barrel, not just with thermal pressure, and as such needs a tough base material to extend the service life as long as possible.

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We offer many designs to suit your process and a large range of materials chosen to help you achieve long term consistent production.


In this case more than most, the cheaper option really can end up more expensive than you expected.

6+ Plus base steels

Choice of barrel designs

Nitride steels

Bimetallic options

HIP Power metallurgy steels

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CNC Turning for Barrel production

Extensive choice of materials to suit your process

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We supply injection moulding and extrusion barrels for most moulding applications, many popular sizes from stock.

Injection moulding screws for Arburg,  Dr Boy,  Billion (SAS),  Demag, Engel,  Ferromatik Milacron,  Klockner,  Krauss Maffei,  Fanuc,  Stork Plastics Machinery,  Sandretto,  Negri Bossi and many more injection screws for popular model moulding machines.


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