Below are some of the common options for screw designs (see also: barrel designs and screw tip assembly designs)

The Standard general purpose screw has successfully proved itself in processing many of the most common polymers. They are fitted as standard to the majority of newly delivered moulding machines. We can offer this style optimized for your application.  See standard barrels.

Standard Three Zone Screw

A standard profile 3 zone screw with a diamond mixer helps to ensure a homogeneous melt especially with the use of master batch or liquid colours.

Three Zone Screw With Diamond Mixer

A standard profile 3 zone screw with a helix (spiral) mixer works like a barrier and supports the blending process by homogenizing the blend.  A performance increase of around 10% is possible.

Three Zone Screw With Helix Mixer

A barrier flighted screw increases the throughput of the screw and combined with a diamond mixer helps to ensure a homogeneous melt especially with the use of master batch or liquid colours.

Barrier Flight Screw With Diamond Mixer

The barrier-screw, combined with spiral cut mixer greatly improves homogenization and supports the blending process of the melted mass. A performance increase up to 25% is possible.

Barrier Flight Screw With Helix Mixer

The LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) screw is very similar to a dosing screw in that is has a constant profile but has special geometries for processing the liquid resin.  See LSR barrels

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Screw

We manufacture PVC screws for use with soft or hard (rigid) PVC polymers.  Screws normally have a chrome coating for corrosion protection. The screw nose (point) can be integral and as a detachable tip.

PVC Profile Screw

Thermosetting screws works without compression zones so that the thermoset material can transfer through the barrel with minimal friction.  See thermoset barrels

Thermoset Screw

The double channel screw can be used for most standard polymers. A performance increase of 15% may be possible.

Double Channel Screw

Dosing screws are used for the transportation of many different media.

Dosing Screw

The elastomer screw (or screw for processing rubber) can be used in both injection moulding and extrusion.  The special flights are designed to chop and mix hard rubber especially in the case of strip rubber.  See elastomer (rubber) barrels

Elastomer Screw

The Gas venting-screw consists  of 2 series-connected 3-section screws. It is used for the machining of still moist thermoplastic, but in no case for PBT. Drying times will be reduced with it.  See venting barrels

Gas Venting Screw

The extruder screw is produced in various geometries according to its application.  See extruder barrels

Extruder Screw (Typical Set-up)

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