Below are some of the common options for barrel designs (see also: screw designs and screw tip assembly designs)

Standard Thermoplastic Barrel

The standard barrel (cylinder) design as fitted to most moulding machines for processing the majority of thermoplastic polymers.  Available in different materials depending on the level of abrasion and corrosion protection required.


We stock hundred of the most popular barrels.  See standard screws

Cylinders designed for processing Liquid Silicone Rubber, with threaded feed pockets to take the pressurized LSR pumps and water channels for the fitting of water jackets.  See LSR screws

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Barrel

Thermoset cylinders (barrels) are designed to work with Thermoset designed screws, keeping the heating fluid at a constant temperature, in combination  with keeping the compression to a minimum to reduce friction.  See thermoset screws

Thermoset Barrel

Gas venting barrels (cylinders) are similar to standard thermoplastic units but with a venting port midway. The internal venting screw is in effect two shorter 3 zone screws on the same axis; after the first screw profile moisture is expelled and then moved on to the second profile to finish the moulding process.  See venting screws

Venting Barrel

The elastomer barrel is used for rubber (elastomer) moulding.  The cylinder has a specially designed/positioned feed throat and water jackets for heating/cooling.  The same design can be used for injection moulding or extrusion.  See elastomer (rubber) screws

Elastomer Barrel

The extruder barrels is made in many variations depending on the extruder machine, type of material processed and any extra porting and pressure measurement points required.  See extruder screws

Typical Extruder Barrel

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