Screws, Barrels, Screw Tip Assemblies and Plasticising Components.

Injection moulding screws and barrels are right at the very heart of your moulding process - when choosing replacement plasticising components you need to make the right choice every time.  It’s not just about price, as many parts ‘fit’ but don’t necessarily perform as expected.


At Invotec, it is always in the front of our mind is to supply the correct product for your requirements, with the best corrosion and abrasion protection, at competitive prices.


All our screws, barrels, screw tips and plasticising components  are manufactured using the latest CNC equipment including the 'Whirling Technology' with Siemens control.  Our products are used by moulders as well as OEM machine manufactures.


So please don't buy any screws, barrels, screw tip assemblies or plasticising components before contacting us at Invotec - we will welcome the opportunity to quote for you.

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